3D Quantitative Optical Imaging

Quantitation is the next step: all our systems provide the necesary tools for accurate quantification.

Time-Lapse 3D Imaging

We specifically design setups adapted for time-lapse imaging applications.

Multispectral 3D Imaging

We develop multispectral setups and customized software for 3D multi-color imaging.

Customized Software

We develop customized software for instrument control, data acquisition, advanced data analysis and image reconstruction.

We assist you in the design, development and setup of customized imaging systems optimized for your specific application. Our team has more than 15 years experience in building custom systems with applications in the pre-clinical and biomedical fields ranging from quantitative in-vivo imaging, optical tomography, and time-lapse quantitative 3D microscopy.

15 years experience in scientific imaging and research

Modular and open configurations for total versatility

Systems that evolve with your research applications

We are there for you, and understand your needs

Imaging oriented programming